How Can a PersonFind a Payday Loan in Iowa?

Iowa Payday Loans

Whether you work in food, insurance, service or even a bank, money can sometimes run short at the most inconvenient times.But smart Iowans know how to manage through it.

Why use Iowa payday loans online?

Whether you live in Des Moines or Dubuque, Cedar Rapids or Council Bluffs, you have options for getting a cash advance by various means. Your employer might float you the loan, or you can borrow money from a friend or family. But those are compromising solutions that often make everyone uncomfortable. You might go to a payday loans store, but that takes time that few working people have available.

The more modern solution is an online lender – including Why? Perhaps the question should be "why not?" It takes ten minutes, the terms are clearly spelled out and your money lands into your checking account in one business day. It doesn't get any more convenient than that.

Iowa Payday Loans Helped Me Out

“With four school-age kids at home, someone always needs something. Whether its sports equipment, new shoes or paying for extra curricular activities, I can always count on AAA Payday Cash for a Iowa Payday Loans until my next paycheck. I appreciate their fast service and the customer service representatives are always very helpful.”

Marlena – Cincinnati, OH

How do Iowa payday loans work?

Convenience and speed define how online loans are procured. It comes down to a three-step process:

  1. Sign online – From Ames to Davenport, Sioux City to Iowa City, online transactions are now the norm. You bank with your computer, pay bills and do lots of shopping there too. Why not a loan?
  2. Get the money in your bank account – This is just a matter of checking your bank account to make sure the money is deposited, usually by the next morning.
  3. Spend it wisely – A paycheck loan is intended for emergencies and necessities. It's the kind of loan you take out to cover bills that have to be paid, to cover a medication co-pay, to pay rent or a mortgage or make a car payment or repair. These are the kinds of things that just can't wait, because to do so could easily cost additional money in fees, penalties and interest charges.

So how do you pay it back? In the loan agreement, you authorize an automatic withdrawal at your next payday. That is it – it basically is done for you, and in such a way that the loan doesn't follow you for long.

Why use

Aside from the convenience and speed of this lending service, you need to know that other lenders often are based outside of the U.S. Their terms and charges might be higher than allowed by state banking laws. is based in the U.S., adhering to the rules and regs that apply to American lenders.

Eligibility requirement

  • Active bank account for 90 days or more.
  • Active/current job with 90 days of employment.
  • Direct Deposit is required.
  • No Military personnel loans.
  • Minimum net income of $1,000 per month for employed and $800 for SS or retired.

About Iowa payday loans

An advance on a paycheck is a means to shift money from the future to the present. As expenses happen to people on a schedule apart from their pay dates, this sometimes becomes necessary. Be sure to ask questions as you go through the loan process; offers a customer service call line (866-606-5626) to help new and returning borrowers understand the loan, its terms and the repayment plan.