Promises and Guarantees: How to Pay Bills When You Are Short on Cash

Direct Payday Loan

Why use a Direct Payday Loan online?

Life comes with few promises or guarantees. For the working person, you do your best to work and pay bills, to make good on your promise, but sometimes those bills and expenses come in at an amount larger than your available cash on hand. At such times, that person can (a) forgo the expense or not pay the bill, (b) borrow from a friend or relative, (c) use a credit card or (d) get a direct payday loan online.

Each of those offers advantages or disadvantages, but not all are available at all times. But one – the paycheck advance method (d) – is always available to the person with a job. Because the working person is by definition busy, the online method is almost always their first choice. As a borrower, the promise is they can access necessary cash in advance of their actual payday - guaranteed.

Direct Payday Loan Helped Me Out

“Truly INCREDIBLE Customer Service! When you call AAA, you immediately talk with a real human being, not a confusing, frustrating automated menu. And the representatives treat you like a real person: courteous, supportive, knowledgeable, and professional. When you want or need a Direct Payday Loan , there is only one way to go:!”

Liz - Dallas, TX

How does a direct payday loan work?

The process of accessing future pay is relatively simple. You sign on to the website provided by, where you verify that you meet the eligibility requirements (see below for details). In one to two business days, usually overnight, the money you are borrowing is electronically deposited into your bank checking account. When your next payday arrives, the loan is automatically paid back through an electronic withdrawal.

It's that simple.

Why use

The online financial services industry has good and bad players. It is entirely possible for companies to operate from countries outside of the U.S., where they can do business outside American regulations on banking and lending. They might provide a direct payday loan, but it might be at higher interest rates and under more challenging repayment terms.

AAA Payday is not one of those companies. Operating out of the U.S.A., this is a company that adheres to the banking laws in Utah and Missouri (where our operations are based). And, the company provides customer services that walk new and experienced borrowers through the process online (email) or via phone (toll free at 866-606-LOAN/5626).

Eligibility requirement

  • Active bank account for 90 days or more.
  • Active/current job with 90 days of employment.
  • Direct Deposit is required.
  • No Military personnel loans.
  • Minimum net income of $1,000 per month for employed and $800 for SS or retired.

About Direct Payday Loan Borrowing

Everyone has their own method for managing finances, and for many, paycheck advances are one of many tactics. This type of financing allows the working person to manage bills, expenses and necessary purchases on a timely basis, just as they might postpone such expenses when that is possible. Paycheck lenders require no collateral or extensive credit checks to make the loan – the promise of a paycheck in the near term is sufficient to ensure that the borrower is able to payback this modest-size, short-term loan. That's the guarantee between borrower and lender in payday advances.